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Khushi: Happiness

Although there is nothing perfect in one’s vocabulary to define happiness but in short it can be defined as a state of mind where a person experiences pleasure, satisfaction, exhilaration etc.

Every human being always craves for happiness. As a child one demands everything that pleases him. Parents take care of the baby by providing him the best. A child is satisfied by small things he cries for and is happy with petty gains.

As a child grows up, his expectations as a young person change. His conception of happiness is in a different frame. A young man always carries burning ambition in his heart. He works hard to achieve his academic and professional goals. Of course cardinal desires are of highest priority for him. He could be happy only with his perfect mate. After a high time of love and pleasure man’s pursuit for happiness continues.  He still continues his journey of life. He earns wealth, stature, builds up a lot of relationships, house, car….and his quest goes on.

Finally he questions his inner self, what do I need to be happy?
His unbiased conscience speaks, as a child you were happy whenever your parents gave you chocolates, gifts and toys. As a youngster you always spent time in dates for perfect mates and then you prospered to have all comforts and pleasures but still you feel something is missing for you to be happy. Yes the man answered sincerely without a moments delay. What is it? He asked again desperately.

Relativity- the inner voice spoke. The man remained spellbound for a moment and said you mean Einstein’s Theory of relativity.
Yes said conscience and explained him, when you are a child you should enjoy life as a child. Perfect innocence, simplicity, respect, free from jealousy, greed etc. You should play in rain, run in the mud with butterflies and experience the sun and shine. The beauty of nature and the physical endurance makes you to grow as a young, dynamic, strong willed enthusiastic person. But you had spent most of your childhood time in AC packed house with lot of cheese burger, watching the idiot box and playing video games. Your parents gifted you the computer. They thought you would be an IT wizard one day but you learnt a lot many unwanted stuff at a tender age. Wasted your time and energy for something that you should not do at that time. When you were a young man, you were too ambitious to achieve everything in a moment. And when you are old with many achievements you regret.

Too much of inertia or too slow adaptation makes a man out of the race. Everything in the universe is relative to the time and space referential frame. If you do not match your pace with the changing time and keep craving for some or the other things you will never be happy.

Happiness lies between the two ears. You have to find it, realize it and enjoy it said the conscience.

“Those who can laugh without cause have either found the true meaning of happiness or have gone stark raving mad.” 
-Norm Papernick


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