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Khushi: Happiness

Although there is nothing perfect in one’s vocabulary to define happiness but in short it can be defined as a state of mind where a person experiences pleasure, satisfaction, exhilaration etc.
Every human being always craves for happiness. As a child one demands everything that pleases him. Parents take care of the baby by providing him the best. A child is satisfied by small things he cries for and is happy with petty gains.
As a child grows up, his expectations as a young person change. His conception of happiness is in a different frame. A young man always carries burning ambition in his heart. He works hard to achieve his academic and professional goals. Of course cardinal desires are of highest priority for him. He could be happy only with his perfect mate. After a high time of love and pleasure man’s pursuit for happiness continues.He still continues his journey of life. He earns wealth, stature, builds up a lot of relationships, house, car….and his quest goes on.
Finally he questi…

TIKA-The Magical Vaccine

Ever since Edward Jenner had discovered the Cow Pox Vaccine and Louis Pasteur carried on the baton by developing rabies vaccine the pace of race continued with the most prolific development of many successful vaccines by Maurice Hilleman.

With the advent of science and application of cutting edge technology the bio pharmaceutical industry has achieved a tremendous growth. many vaccines have been discovered for prevention of infectious diseases and vaccination has been implemented successfully in most parts of the globe.

Government and various NGOs are creating awareness through various campaigns and media publicity to educate the masses and thus implement the vaccination effectively. Today's average man is well aware of the vaccination and he carries the schedule whenever he takes his child for vaccination to the physician.

Due to the cold chain supply and storage facilities at Pharmacies the vaccines are easily available, thus a common man's need  is sufficed. After having di…