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Marriage Love

Love is God, something that cannot be defined in a sentence or two. For some it may be belongingness, for some possessiveness, for some patriotism, for some convenience, for some sense of well being, for some absence of sorrows or happiness, the concept may vary from individual to individual depending upon his own expectations and thinking about love. During our college days the much debated topic was love marriage is better or marriage love i.e., arranged marriage. There used to be divided opinions on the topic.

The concept of marriage also varies from place to place, culture to culture and thus has no uniformity when it comes to choosing the life partner. Nevertheless the term marriage is universal and the society by and large accepts it as a legal, ethical, social, religious bonding between the life partners and once married they are called husband and wife. Marriage may be a socio-religious agreement for some, Parinaya sutra for some and kalyanam for some. The customs, traditions,…

Chandni Chouk to China Town

With lot of apprehensions and presumptions in mind finally we arrived in China for a visit. As it was my first visit to China people could notice the anxiety due to curiosity on face. Sitting at George Town International Airport I was just trying to make up myself comfortable.

After completing the formalities of boarding pass, immigration and security checks we could finally board the Boeing 737 Southern China Airlines at morning 8.00 a.m. The hospitality of crew members was good. The air hostess, an epitome of oriental beauty would greet all the passengers in Chinese-"Nihao".

The three hours and forty minutes of the journey from George Town International Airport to Guangzhou Airport was like an induction for us. As usual my curiosity coefficient was 100% and was observing all the things keenly right from the dressing, greeting and the eating habits of the people of China.

We could spend only a short time in Guangzhou as connecting flight to Shanghai was on time.Started to …

Dissolution - Theory and concepts

Theory of Dissolution

 Dissolution is the process by which a solid enters into solution.
 In 1897 Noyes and Whitney came up with: “The rate of solution of
solid substances in their own solution.”
 dc / dt = K (Cs-Ct)
 According to their research, rate of dissolution of solid substances is determined by rate of diffusion of a very thin layer of saturated solution that forms instantaneously around the solid particle. They developed the mathematical relationship that correlates the dissolution rate to the solubility gradient of the solid.

Diffusion layer model / film theory

 In 1904, Nerst and Brunner applied Fick’s law of diffusion to the
Noyes-Whitney equation. (Diffusion layer model / film theory)
 dc / dt = K D.S / v.h (Cs-Ct)

Cube root law of dissolution

 In 1931, Hixson and Crowell came up with Cube root law of
 W01/3-W1/3 = Kt

Scheme of dissolution

Later Wagner followed by Carstensen gave the scheme of dissolution.
 Initial mechanical lag
 Wetting of the …