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Bhoot -The ghost

A rainy night, thunderstruck in the sky, suddenly the door of a big desolate Purani Haveli (old Mansion) opens. Sounds of the animals can be heard from the nearby forest. In the darkness of new moon night suddenly a lady with white Saree appears. She turns her face while she walks towards the Haveli. I remained amok to see her eyes red like fire balls, teeth like the vampire and her face feelings reflected as if she was blood thirst.
Who are you? I asked shivering in the rain. Bhoot, I am a ghost she replied. I got goose bumps. The so called ghost lady started narrating her pathetic story impulsively.

I was a young beautiful and charming girl famous across the village Rangadhampetha. My father was a peasant and we were dependent on a piece of land which was adjacent to the Village heads property. Though from a poor family I was brought up in a traditional culture rich family. We were living a happy life until there was a dispute with the village head over the land. The feud led to rut…