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Bhoot -The ghost

A rainy night, thunderstruck in the sky, suddenly the door of a big desolate Purani Haveli (old Mansion) opens. Sounds of the animals can be heard from the nearby forest. In the darkness of new moon night suddenly a lady with white Saree appears. She turns her face while she walks towards the Haveli. I remained amok to see her eyes red like fire balls, teeth like the vampire and her face feelings reflected as if she was blood thirst.
Who are you? I asked shivering in the rain. Bhoot, I am a ghost she replied. I got goose bumps. The so called ghost lady started narrating her pathetic story impulsively.

I was a young beautiful and charming girl famous across the village Rangadhampetha. My father was a peasant and we were dependent on a piece of land which was adjacent to the Village heads property. Though from a poor family I was brought up in a traditional culture rich family. We were living a happy life until there was a dispute with the village head over the land. The feud led to ruthless killing of my family and finally I had to kill myself in the Haveli of the village head to protest against the injustice, she told with vengeance in her eyes. Suddenly she opened her mouth and with her sharp jaws plunged on me to suck the blood from my neck.With a chill down the spine I got up from the bed, ran towards the dressing table and checked for any cuts on the throat standing before the mirror.

No it is neither a Bollywood horror flick of Ramsay brothers nor the Hollywood blockbuster "Ghost" starring the pretty Demi Moore. Being a strong non-believer I ghost and spirit related matters I could not make myself believe in the dream. I could not sleep throughout the night, was confused if it was a dream or a reality.

Next morning my curiosity took me to the haunted Haveli at Rangadhampetha village. Although it was day time I was panic stricken due to last night's experience. As mentioned I never ever believed in ghosts and thought either it is superstition or fiction of authors. I always debated with my friends that if ghosts existed then all the people killed or exploited would seek revenge through their spirits. Nevertheless neither one can prove scientifically that ghosts exist nor can one easily disprove  the wide spread rumours.

The old Haveli was a huge mansion but abandoned. It's grandeur can still be noticed with some pieces of engravings depicting the beautiful fairies on its walls. All the broken antique pieces of furniture were scattered here and there. Not getting any clue in the Haveli I was searching for somebody who could tell me the mystery of the Haveli. Luckily I came across an old man who was the watchman / caretaker of the remnants of the Haveli and the adjoining lawn.

As the old Haveli was same as I saw in the horrifying dream I narrated him the whole thing and asked about the mystery of Haveli. The old man Muttha said, Sir it is true, the lady in the white Saree appears in and around the Haveli every new moon night. He also said the story she narrated in the dream is also absolutely true. The crooked village head ruthlessly killed the old peasant's family over a land dispute and the beautiful young girl committed suicide in the Haveli by lighting her up and cursed the demon before dying. The devastating fire destroyed the Haveli and the whole family of village head was killed in the fire.

People of the village say that the atrocities of  the wicked village head were so horrifying that even Lord Ranga left the village annoyed by the demon's sins and even today Rangadhampetha is without Ranga. A temple without the God, first of its kind, I could not believe.

I came back from Rangadhampetha and tried to read all the stuff related to ghosts, spirits. I talked to people, watched horror movies and tried to correlate the facts. My conscience still do not agree that spooks exist but the Purani Haveli and the lady in white kept on reminding me of Rangadhampetha. If the ghosts did exist hope one day they will socialize on the sites like Facebook to express their grievances on the wall.

"I have heard, but not believed, the spirits o’the dead
May walk again." - William Shakespeare, in The Winter's Tale


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  3. nice fantasy jiju! hope we achieve it before 2050!!


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