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The Kingdom of Joy and the Chamber of Secrets

She sat in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. Her eyes narrated the untold story. Behind the disguise there was something that shattered her life. Behind the vengeance there was betrayal and behind the anguish there was a tale of broken heart. In a few moments the police arrived, she was arrested for murder. Lot of speculations in the media and hot gossips in the social media followed. Interrogation started and she was mum, there was no way to unravel the truth. The police tried their best, every trick to open up her mind but all efforts were in vain. Finally the Superintendent of Police came to give a last try. She looked into her eyes and spoke softly, Shalini I understand your grief and being a woman can even better understand your feelings, your eyes narrate me everything she said in a subtle way. Shalini was calm and did not respond. The lady police officer looked i…
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On Mothers’ day…dedicated to all mothers

Today when my son gave a lovely greeting to his mother on Mothers’ day it was a time travel, a flashback into my childhood. I am not an atheist but a rationalist and being a rationalist I never believed in any rituals, tenets, astrology, etc. My father is a retired teacher and was involved in many social welfare activities especially in the tribal areas. He always taught us about virtues but was a staunch opponent of superstitions prevailing over there. One day I asked him about the most subjective mysteries of the world i.e., “GOD”. My inquisitive mind always wondered does God exist, if yes how does he manifest? Different people had different views and as a teenager I was confused with their nebulous notions. Most people associated God with rituals. I wanted to clarify with my dad. He is a well-read person and had a deep understanding of theology and literature. He told me most of the people in the world are agnostic. The believers still may have a doubt in some corner of their mind a…

Singapore – The Roaring Lion of the East

After visiting so many countries around the world and seeing the plethora of diverse cultures, great civilizations and unique nations I feel Singapore is one of the best countries to live I have never ever seen around the globe. Every civilian would unconditionally love his motherland just like I love India irrespective of whatever state it is. But anyone who visits Singapore would fall in love with this Island nation irrespective of where he belongs.
Singapore is a city state located in South East Asia between Malaysia and Indonesia. Despite Malay being the national language English is the Lingua Franca. Merlion is the emblem which commonly represents the Lion Nation with 5 partings of the mane which translates into pentagon of 5 stars of the national flag representing – Democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. It is a melting pot of diverse cultures and ethnicities mostly Chinese, Malay, Indian, Caucasian and Eurasians. It consists of 63 tiny islands which have increased the…

An Evening in Paris

An Evening in Paris
Travelling around the world was always fascinating and indeed a dream for me being an intrepid explorer. As a child I used to travel within the state and was very excited whenever I came across unique places. As I grew up I could travel to different states and felt even happier to see the diversity. I wondered if India itself has so much of diversity within the country how interesting would it be to explore the world outside. My first journey outside India started with Malaysia followed by Indonesia, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok and Hong Kong. I travelled down to different countries in ASPAC, interacted with people and tried to understand their culture, customs and civilization. My curiosity to explore the world beyond the country & continent (saat samandar paar…) increased even more as I learnt more and more about the world. Europe is a dream destination for most of the people from other parts of the world. Greek, Roman, British, French, German, Dutch and many more …