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Raw.1 got AIDS

Once upon a time there lived a demon called Raw.1. He was tall, well built and crooked by nature. The demon by his nature was inconsiderate, ruthless and evil. He was clever enough to befool people or else he would browbeat the opposers and bully them. The demon went on living his life without any inhibitions and self control. He was so self possessive and proud that he always used to consider he is the supreme of all human beings, strong and powerful. He never showed any sympathy towards anybody and kept on living as if his life is immortal and he by his tyranny could always rule the world.

Every man by nature has many facets which he explores and develops the skills which he not only utilizes for earning his bread and butter but also for some societal benefits. There are many people in this world who by their talent earn accolades for their family and country, but there are some who always utilize their knowledge, skill, power and influence for destructive purposes. These people are…

Deepavali – The festival of lights

Man has celebrated his joy and expressed his grief in one or the other way throughout the history. Indeed the ability to communicate his feelings in verbal form and articulate his gestures to convey the message to his fellow beings distinguishes the mankind from being an animal in spite of the phylogenetic lineage.

Life has changed with the ever changing time but especially Man’s life has changed immensely beyond imagination. Though the other species still dwell in their habitat and lead their life as they used to be millions of years ago during the early phase of evolution, man’s life is not the same anymore. He went through the Stone Age from being a caveman and now enjoys the privilege of modern sovereign.

During the course of evolution man learned many things but the most important among all those was language- the way to express inner feelings and communicate with each other. Language indeed led to information gathering (past was history and future was mystery) and thus started t…