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God of small people

God of small people:
It is a popular belief among the theists that God is the creator of the whole Universe. He created the tiny animalcules and the huge dinosaurs. Of course Human beings are considered to be the Magnum opus of God’s creation. But he never created big and small people. It is we as a society are responsible for the segregation, discrimination, exploitation and finally hatred of being big and small. The greed to accumulate enormous wealth, the craving to gain power and status, the weakness to fall pray for pleasures had really created the mess of apartheid, casteism, social disparity and racist attacks.

There are people who have a lot of wealth and riches, who are fortunate enough to donate for the poor and down trodden. May be they really gain some satisfaction of serving the poor or it may add to their stature of benevolent biggies. There are also people who cannot afford to contribute much in monetary way but they have a strong desire of selfless sacrifice, for the upliftment, well being and development of people who are small not by their deeds but by their economic status.

This class of society is the one which is underprivileged, full of sufferings, exploited and frustrated. There is no ray of hope in their dark lives as their patience is no more after such a long enduring life without any gains. But the God is compassionate and magnanimous. Though there may be delay but there is no denial of love in his sight.

The arrival of wisdom in a man’s life (enlightenment) is considered to be the key to salvation. Some do meditation, some pray many times a day, some just wait and watch for his grace and some by their karma or duty try to achieve salvation. As it is said “By Karma (duty), Jnyana (wisdom), Bhakti (devotion), Yoga (meditation) one or any or all of these can one achieve salvation.”

I watched all my childhood a man always working and thinking for others. He never thought of his self. Sometimes for parents, sometimes for kith and kin, sometimes for students, sometimes for guardians and sometimes for the villagers he would always work for the betterment and wellbeing.

One day I asked him a strange question, why are you bothered of all these rather than only focusing on yourself and your immediate family? He watched candidly and replied modestly God had told me to do so. Though a child I never believed in superstitions and illogical notions and beliefs. I questioned back? You mean to say you had a communication with God? Yes I did he replied with immense confidence. My curiosity was killing me. I Said I can’t believe, nobody can see, touch and speak to God, how is it possible with you? He replied God only talks to them who can live up to his virtues and manifest it in their life; you can also give a try.

Years after the incident I was never ever able to talk to God and hear from him. But I could realize the fact that God manifests in every individual and when they are helped in need they do reciprocate “Sir you’re the God of small people like us” may be the God in these people talks as told by that man (my Dad) in my childhood.
Oh my God let us try to talk to God!


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