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GanjiRamayyapetha is a hamlet in the Sironcha Tehsil of Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, India.

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GeographyGanjiramayyapetha is located at 18°50′N 79°58′E18.83°N 79.96°E[1]. It has an average elevation of 118 metres (390 feet).
HistoryThe foundation was led by late Shri Ganjiramayya during the British rule for the upliftment of poor.Ganjiramayya the famous businessman who an authorized timber merchant of the area sought permission from the British government of the area and took painstaking efforts day and night to see the small hamlet born in the adjoining jungle of Ankisa Village.He invited many landless poor peasants and all classes of society to be settled in the newly established village of Ganjirammayapetha.People accepted his kind gesture and started to migrate to Ganjirammayapetha.Thus the dense forest which was once known only for its flora and fauna was transformed into a small hamlet of happiness.
Ganji Rammaya was the eldest son of Shri Ganji Samayya who inturn was the son of Ganji Aabhayya who was the son of Ganji Koneru.The Ganji dynasty of arya vysya community orginally hailed from Madhepur mandal in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. But the history can only be traced back to Ganji Abhayya onwards.Ganji Abhayya was not only famous for his merchantile acumen but also for his strong attractive physique-old people still give the example of his strength by quoting that he was able to hold lemons on his moustaches.He was the village head of Pratapagiri the fort built by last Kakatiya King Pratap Rudra Dev as a safe heaven to escape the invaders.After the death of Ganji Abhayya his son Ganji Samayya left the tribal hilly village of Pratapgiri and migrated to Bhaswapuram in Sironcha Tehsil of Maharashtra for better future. Soon the village was affected by epidemic and lot of people died by cholera.Ganji Samayya in pusuit of a peaceful life then migrated to nearby Ankisa village and settled there.After the abandonment of Pratap giri the family lost all its affluence and wealth and started to lead a life of middle class.After a couple of decades when Ganji Ramayya the eldest son of Ganji Samayya grew up to be a young and dynamic young man who had inherited the business acumen and administrative capability from his grand father Ganji Abhayya started to test his bit of luck in business and within a short period became one of the famous businessman of the Sironcha Tehsil.He exported the timber-teak logs to Rajamundhry in Andhra Pradesh.In those days when the communication was an uphill task, this dynamic young businessman experimented the new mode of transport. He used thr river Godavari as the mode of transport which flows from Nasik in Maharashtra to Rajamundhry in Andhra Pradesh via Ankisa.Thus the Ganji Empire was once again reinstated.In due course of time Ganjiramayyapetha was known by its renowned founder Ganji Rammaya who was a great businessman, a good administrator, magnanimous king of poor.Ganjiramayyapetha flourished and people lived happily. The history of Ganjiramayyapetha took a major twist.The wheel of destiny took a terrific downturn.After the death of Ganjirammya the timber business collapsed as it was a massive credit based business.The Ganji family was once again on square one.The family again migrated to Ankisa village as the chaturmukha bhavanti the lavish and magnificient mansion of Ganjirammya was desolate.The once famous house built by Ganjirammaya known for its magnificient architechture which was decorated by special artisans from Rajamundhry was an abondoned villa. The Ganji family once again was living a midlle class life awaiting for the destiny to take its own time to regain the empire lost.Ganji Laxmipathi son of Ganji Ramayya after losing the wealth and fame of the dynasty still maintained his grace, nobility, modesty and magnaminous donations of food and other stuff to the poor people of area who always looked for love and belongingness towards the patriach of Ganji dynasty as they still can't forget the golden days of Ganjiramayyapetha. The folk lores can still be heard mentioning the Ganji Ramayya and his wife Chinakka who once served the whole village after a disastrous fire struck the village and people had nothing to eat, untill the normalcy was regained.History always played hide and seek with the Ganji dynasty, simetimes the golden period was regained and sometimes the worst period was repeated.Ganji sambamoorthi the eldest son of Ganji Laxmipathi inherited the administrative and mental aptitude from this grand father Ganji Ramayya. He was the founder father and first Head Master of the Zilla Parishad Telugu High School in Nakoda village of Chandrapur district of Maharashtra.Although the Ganji family could not gain the monetary stature of its forefathers but by his Gandhian ethics of peace, truth, ahimsa,equality and strong desire of serving the poor people Ganji Sambamoorthi became a prominent figure who tried to build up the Ganji empire by his Karmayoga.The Ganji dynasty is still waiting for the wheel of fortune to take a turn of godwill so that the glory of Ganjiramayyapetha can be restored once again. Though the history of Ganjiramayyapetha has witnessed many revolutionary ups and downs nevertheless the small hamlet is proud that the Ganji family is still in the phase of journey from Ganjiramayyapetha to Malaysia in the pursuit of peace for its people and glory to the hamlet.The eighth generation still hopes the empire shall be regained and never lost only by the well wishes of residents of Ganjirammaypetha.

EducationThere exists a primary School that caters to the educational needs of the residents of the village.
TransportGanjiramayyapetha is connected by the State Road Transport services to Sironcha, Ankisa,Gadchiroli, Aheri, Chandrapur, Nagpur and Wardha. Ganjiramayyapetha is also connected to Andhra pradesh state capital Hyderabad and some popular cities like Warngal, Karimnagar, Manchiriyal via Sironcha.

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