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Satu Malaysia

Malaysia is a unique country with beautiful landscapes and bountiful people. Nature has endowed this country with scenic beauty. One can notice a lot of greenery everywhere. The beaches are well maintained and attract tourists from around the globe. Tourism is one of the major sources of revenue to the country’s economy apart from the rich natural resources like palm and rubber plantations. To attract the tourists the government has left no stone unturned. Malaysia has a very good transport facility. It is connected by air and sea to all major parts of the world. On the domestic front the mono-rail (LRT), luxury buses and even domestic flights suffice the need of tourists to travel across the major tourist destinations. The cuisine is delicious. You can always get Chinese, Indian and Malay food of hygienic and good quality.

Moreover the major reason behind the success of Malaysian tourism industry is its people. The people of Malaysia are very friendly with great hospitality. Malaysia has a long history. Many foreigners came here, some for trade, some for food, fuel and rest as a harbor and some conquered Malaysia. The Japanese, the Portuguese and finally the British. Now it is an independent nation with federal constitutional monarchy. Thus the cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity can be understood. During the British rule many Indian people were brought here to engage in various works and the Chinese also migrated due to various reasons and settled here. Thus three major ethnic communities namely the Malay, the Chinese and the Indian diasporas constitute majority of population. The government has declared Satu Malaysia day to represent unity in diversity.

The Malaysian people have exhibited a unique blend of culture-they have conserved their traditional rituals, customs, faith and way of life on the one hand and imbibed modernity and liberty of western countries on the other hand.

Public amenities like post offices, hospitals, income tax offices etc. are really maintained in a professional and well organized and systemic manner. Roads are also built and maintained to serve the heavy traffic. Also most of the Malaysian people can understand English and an average man can communicate fluently in English which is an added advantage to deal with the international visitors.

Many Bollywood movies are shot here to capture the exotic locations on the screen. People come to explore thrilling tourist sites, relax on the beaches and enjoy the water sports such as jet skiing, water skiing, parasailing, canoeing, catamaran sailing, windsurfing, and scuba diving. Other activities for tourists like horseback riding, archery, off-road trips, bird watching, caving, hiking, mountain biking, and mountain climbing are readily available.

Malaysia is a live example-how the political will and attitude of people can build up a country with rich heritage, diverse culture, high morale, people friendly and amicable society.

"The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion." Thomas Paine


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