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Sare Jahase Achcha ......Boleto "N" Idiots

21 st May 2040, Delhi (the Capital of India)

The Prime Minister along with Dr.Abhiram, Dr.Aditya and Dr.Chandrashekaran hoist a press conference along with the Chief National Advisor. The Prime Minister congratulates the team of Scientists who successfully heralded the operation Surya Shakti Project.

The Prime Minister declares to the nation that this could only be considered next to the discovery of wheel and fire and which would revolutionize the world in general and India in particular.

"People of India" I am proud to state that today with the accomplishment of this Project India has become self reliant in the generation of power and this could begin the era of our victory. The Paradigm has thoughtfully shifted, yes the sun rises in the East, because Satyamev jayate.

Our scientists have discovered the secret of Sun's enormous energy. The Sun himself is evident, we have always worshipped him as a source of inspiration, enlightenment and wisdom. He is the one who always guided us through the darkness of life, from the mysteries of universe and terrains of grief towards the brighter blissful eternal truth.

The Prime Minister appointed the team of three Principal scientists, Dr, Abhiram, Dr,Aditya and Dr, Chandrashekaran as the Board of Directors presided by the PM himself for implementation of the Operation Surya Shakti for power generation.

The news spread like fire in the dry forest. Every TV channel, newspaper were full o the articles which gave every details of all the three scientists.Their education,family background,hobbies,idiosyncracies,the research project and finally its impact on the world.

To start with Dr. Abhiram was an IIT, Mumbai gold medalist in software and completed his M.S. from Harward University.He did his advanced software languages wherein he could develop a new software language called "SANS" which was based on Sanskrit and was considered to be a breakthrough in the world of Software as this Cyber wizard had developed an interactive smart thinking language which can think and create many algorithmic programmes which were combinatorial programmes and it was your choice to choose the best that could suit your needs. The nano technology empowered with SANS called NANSANS became a superlative computer thought language and paved the way for unraveling the algorithm to discover the naked truth of nuclear fusion occuring in the SUN. Thus the small kid who would often hawk the world's reputed firewalls as an amateur could become a Nobel Laureate for his contribution to next generation supersoftware.

Dr. Aditya was a gold medalist in Chemical Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur and did his Masters from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Nuclear Chemistry. He completed his Ph.D in chemistry of nuclear particles from Harvard and was the key scientist who could develop the technology of simulating the Sun's nuclear fusion in the specially built underground nuclear proof laboratory in the Himalayan caves. He was also a Nobel Laureate for his discovery of Sun Simulation.

Dr.Chandrashekharan completed his Ph.D from IIT Chennai on harnessing the nuclear energy. He was also a Nobel Laureate and played a key role in generation and harnessing of the immense energy generated by the experiment without which the practical application or use of this energy was not possible.

Thus the triad of three Scientists popularly known as Trimity was able to develop what was considered to be impossible couple of years ago by the mankind and was just a fantasy of novelists in their Sci-Fi novels.

21st May 2041, exactly after one year the Scientists could successfully carryout the experiment with the world held at ransom of being wiped away if something goes awry during the Operation Surya Shakti Mega Experiment beneath the earth inside the tunnel laboratory. Thus India became the first country on the Earth proud to simulate the Sun and produce the immense energy which could serve the whole mankind for centuries.
Thus by using the NANSANS the energy generated by Sun Simulation could be tapped in the compressed air which could be transported to any part of the world and the energy could be used as per the requirement. Thus the unprecedented discovery paved the way for self reliance in the field of energy and could decrease the dependence on fossil fuels.

21 st May 2042, two years passed on the nation was divided into six Zones for power distribution. Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Power stations were established where the generated energy was brought from the tunnel laboratory and was stored temporirly for transportation.

The huge amount of power generated made it superfluous and thus the PM announced free power to the farmers. Also the cost of power was nominal and thus catapulted the industrial growth. India became a hub for manufacturing as the cost of power was almost negligible.

The government of India declared the EXIM policy and stated that it would export the power at a cheaper rate as compared to the fossil fuels to many countries of the world. Thus power transportation became the mainstream occupation of most of the people.

The government encouraged the foreign trade and the GDP grew at 20%. The whole of India was soon connected by road, rail, sea and air. Roads were build from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, railways were widespread and Sea route for container transport of fuel was explored. The process of power reforms brought a rapid pace of development and within a decade India became the Economic and power super power.

21 st May 2050 the world was no more the same geo-political order completely transformed. India was developed and prosperous democracy of the people, by the people and for the people. Japan had an understanding and thus the metro and bullet train network was built. With the high speed bullet trains, Kahmir to Kanyakumari was just an overnight journey. People were travelling up and down from Delhi to Mumbai and vice versa no need to migrate and face the heat of Amchi Mumbai, thanx to the power of "power". The Air travel was a common man's previlege with cheapest air fares. Every district was connected by air and people travelled by flights routinely. Unemployment rate was almost zero as the transportation of power to almost every country of world was an uphill task, thanx to the 1 billion indians to cater the world.

India shared a healthy relationship with all its neighbours like- Pakistan, China, Nepal, Burma, Srilanka, Bangladesh and Bhutan. India could supply the power at a subsidized rates to all ASEAN countries including Japan.Thus everybody was busy in their own business and no one to medlle in others affairs.India also helped its neighbours build roads and rails for ease of transpotation of power. Thus Indian techies were busy in one or other part of the world.

Education system was totally changed with 3 language formula- English, Hindi and one vernacular language the syllabus was harmonized throughout the country and education was free and birth right of every Indian child. IT was a compulsory subject. The socio economic growth had eradicated the menace of fanatics, terrorism, maoism etc. The new generation was modern in thinking with Indian cultural ethics and optimistic vision, proud to be Indians.

Sewerage system was changed and pollution control was stringent. Rivers were made free from industrial pollutants and all the rivers were joined to form a mega river flowing from the Himalayas to the Deccan and converging in the Kanyakumari to merge in the Ocean. Thus water supply to all the parts of country was achieved with no floods and drought as the water flow can be modulated by the numerous dams built on the mega river Gangasagar which was electronically controlled.

No slum dogs with every citizen having right to build a house could easily fetch a house with just a paltry sum of money. How could the Tata ignore the business need of the society? Ratan Tata's successor launched TATA MANO( Mano ya na mano) with automatic gears as the roads were even ready to host grand prix.

The government encouraged religious pilgrimage and tourism. People from all part of the world visited India as it was birthplace of many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism etc. The government took the control of all major religious places and the adjoining residents were relocated to other places thus making the religious places spacious and lush green with gardens for children and resting halls for tourists. Thus the Jama Masjid of Delhi,Ajmer Sharif, Tirupati, Shirdi, Ayodhya Ram Mandir, Ladakh for buddhist monasteries, Golden temple Amritsar and Goa churches were places of international tourists and role models like Rome and Vatican. People were more tolerant towards each other's religion and secular population was seen with modern and adaptive thinking. The scientists along with archaelogists could build the Ram Setu from Rameshwaram (Dhanushkoti to Srilanka) for power tansportation which became the eighth wonder of world. How could Sanjay Leela Bhansali miss the chance of making another historic epic -aka- Taj Mahal starring Aishwarya Rai as Mumtaj Mahal and ofcourse blue eyed Hrithik Roshan as Shah Jahan after the Taj Mahal became the most visited wonders of the world. Thanx to Bollywood.

India was given the place in security council of UN General Assembly and became a permanent member with of course the most coveted veto power.India developed in all facets - socio, economic, geo-political and militarily. To safegaurd its power status quo it developed long range ballistic missiles which could even reach the moon when targeted. The whole country was safeguarded by its special task force with latest ultra modern arms and ammunition. Missile shield to protect the country in emergency, DNA satellite spectrocopy which could scan the DNA of any individual by using its latest survelliance satellite called "AANKHE". Every individual was given a special identification Nilekani card which served as a social security number and had the biometric signatures of DNA scan. Thus any person could easily be traced from the unique number generated by his biometric DNA scan on his Social Security Number, what an idea sirjee.

Of course Ram Gopal Verma would never miss making James Bond 007 foil the attempts made by terrorists to hawk our "AANKHE" to trace the tunnel laboratory.

Finally it is time to say "Saare Jahan Se Achcha Hindosita Hamara"

The horn blows continuously and for my broken dream, oh my God its 8.00 my colleague shouting Pramod jaldi chalo saade aath baje Dr. ke saath meeting hai.

Anyway I still hope Vidhoo Vinod Chopra would definitely announce to make his new flik on Sare Jahan Se Achcha.....boleto "N" idiots with Amir khan in lead role and of course my name will definitely appear atleast at the start of the movie with fair royalty. Ha...Ha...Ha...


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