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Raw.1 got AIDS

Once upon a time there lived a demon called Raw.1. He was tall, well built and crooked by nature. The demon by his nature was inconsiderate, ruthless and evil. He was clever enough to befool people or else he would browbeat the opposers and bully them. The demon went on living his life without any inhibitions and self control. He was so self possessive and proud that he always used to consider he is the supreme of all human beings, strong and powerful. He never showed any sympathy towards anybody and kept on living as if his life is immortal and he by his tyranny could always rule the world.

Every man by nature has many facets which he explores and develops the skills which he not only utilizes for earning his bread and butter but also for some societal benefits. There are many people in this world who by their talent earn accolades for their family and country, but there are some who always utilize their knowledge, skill, power and influence for destructive purposes. These people are easily susceptible to fall prey to the demons and become antisocial.

The demon is happy until he gets what he wants either by hook or by crook. The moment somebody puts the cog in his wheel the problem starts. He then tries as usual to brow beat the person and when unable to make him surrender he starts using his tactics. Every man is a man with some strong positive attributes and some negative flaws. The demon is clever enough to attack on the firm opponent thinking he could easily destroy the common man. After repeated attempts to shatter the firm man the demon realizes that he is not fighting the usual man with mere blood and flesh but against a blue blooded gladiator who may look naïve and innocent from his gestures but is as firm as a mountain in his determination, as cool as a pacific ocean in his composure and as strong as iron in his virtues.

Unable cause any loss the demon was just waiting for some time to come and find fault in the man’s professional work. Time went on the man was leading his life with full involvement in his work and was happy with his small family. The man never had any greed for wealth and never craved for any possessions. He was least bothered about the demon and his crooked intentions. Many of the man’s friends and elderly people out of good will advocated him to be cautious of the demon. But the man was a firm believer in God and said good always prevails one or the other day evil shall perish.

The demon tried his best to pull down the man but all in vain. He realized that a man with such strength could never be won by him and started to think some other alternative. Powerful people can also loose the battle but no body could win a war against such an invincible person. The demon was frustrated and wary how he could do this. He sought advice from his friends and was convinced that the last resort of a demon was to defame the person.

The demon started attacking the man and his family on his personal front. He tried to blame the person with many unwanted gimmicks and thus grill him. Inspite of so many attempts he made nothing could help him to make the man loose. It is said luck always favors those who never harm somebody unless they harm you. After all the failed attempts the demon finally thought to blame his innocent family so that people could laugh at him and he could easily get away scot-free. He played his blame game and tried to put mud on the man’s family. The man was hurt by all the dirty politics and conspiracies against him but still remained calm and awaited for the time to come and the demon to demolish.

And finally the time came without fail as every dog has its time the demon fell ill. Once who considered himself as the unabated ruler of the evil was on bed waiting for the death gods command to seize his life. He was declared HIV positive and the doctors said medicines are beyond any use only God could save him for a while. The demon was full of remorse and repentance. He realized that he had utilized all his knowledge, talent, power, skill, expertise and time for wrong doings and wasted his life just to satisfy his ego and oppress the meek. He only prayed to God if you can forgive my deeds please give another birth as a particle of sand from the land this great man is born. God was considerate and said every man within has a demon like you and God like me, what is important is how we manage the good and control the bad.

Morale: Ego can make you kill the whole world but your life is waste like termites which are born inside the sand nest and die before even any body could notice. Life is to live and enjoy so that when death comes we do not repent but become proud for living such a great life.


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